Contrary to popular belief Equine Osteopaths don't only treat backs. They are highly skilled individuals who are trained to treat a wide variety of problems associated with the musculo-skeletal system of the horse.

They employ a wide range of modalities to achieve their aim, which is to return the animal back to peak fitness in the shortest possible time, These modalities range from massage, stretching, mobilisations to specific manipulative techniques, and are used to release any muscles or joints that are not working to there full potential and could be causing the horse discomfort and pain. 

Osteopathic treatment may be indicated if your horse is suffering from any of the following

  •  Loss or decrease in level of performance.
  •  Problems of difficulty executing desired movements.
  • Behavioural changes (i.e. refusals, bucking).
  • Short striding
  • Diagnosed conditions, such as degenerative arthritis.
  • Muscle imbalance, spasms, or atrophy.
  • Gait problems, such as cross-canter, loss of collection, refusal to pick-up lead.
  • Injuries resulting from falls, training, or other activities.
  • Stressful situations, such as conformation of the horse, various riding and training equipment, performance level and ability of the rider, shoeing.