Courses in the Stretching & Mobilisation of the Horse.


Tom has been holding courses in the Stretching and Mobilisation of the horse over the past 4 years and is setting up courses in various area's.
These courses have proved very popular in the past as they give the owner the chance to learn how to stretch and mobilise their own horses before riding. 

Pre competition stretching can be invaluable to the horse and rider and can be carried out after a gentle warm up period this gets the muscles prepared to carry out there function to a higher standard, it also allows Tom once he has treated a horse to show the owner the various stretches which will then enhance his treatment and aid a quicker recovery for the horse.

Due to the amount of untrained so called back men Tom has decided to start a course in the Treatment and Manipulation of the horse and therefore hopes that the amount of trained people can carry on this much needed work to help our equine friend get out of unnecessary discomfort that a lot of them are in.

If you would like to attend one of Tom's courses then please complete the course application form and he will get in contact with you.