Osteopathy is an established system of diagnosis and manual treatment.

Treatment is aimed at improving mobility and reducing inflammatory processes by using gentle, manual Osteopathic techniques on joints, muscles and ligaments.

What Osteopathy is NOT
Osteopathy is not a cure-all and there are times when surgery may be necessary and you would be referred back to your Veterinary Surgeon.
However Osteopathy can help with rehabilitation after surgery.

The First Visit
When an Equine Osteopath visits your horse for the first time a full case history should be taken this may include age sex breed, occupation medical history (medication and past complaints), and the current complaint.
Your horse should then be given a full examination.
The findings of this history and musculo-skeletal assessment will be analysed to determined a suitable treatment plan specific for to your horse.

What do Equine Osteopaths do?
Equine Osteopaths are trained to recognise and treat many causes of pain.  They work with with their hands using a wide variety of treatment techniques. These may include soft tissue massage, stretching techniques, rhythmic passive joint movements, and mobilisations to improve joint mobility, or high velocity thrust techniques designed to improve the mobility and the range of movement of a joint.