At Dunbar Equine Osteopathic Clinic we work closely with Veterinary Practices to help establish an effective treatment protocol for your horse. Just as human Osteopathy is an established and effective treatment for many musculo-skeletal problems, most Vets now recognise the benefits of Osteopathic treatment for horses..
What is Equine Osteopathy?

Equine Osteopathy is a branch of Osteopathy which works on the same principles and theory as human osteopathy, but with the specific manipulative techniques used by Osteopaths modified to take into account the difference between the human and equine anatomical structures. 

What to expect on your first visit.

An Equine Osteopath, on their first visit, will require a full medical history of your horse - any previous injuries or operations, and the treatment provided. The will also want to know if your horse is currently undergoing any other medical treatment or is taking any medication. They will then want to assess the movement of your horse at walk and trot from various angles before they conduct a full osteopathic examination.

The first consultation will involve palpation of the all the soft tissue structures to seek out any spasm, tension, heat, or depressions etc. An assessment of the range of motion in the joints will be assessed which will include all the joints from pasterns up the legs fore and hind as well as the head, neck, back and tail.

When carrying out this procedure the Osteopath, through his palpation skills, can easily detect problem areas such as tight muscles, unusual heat patterns, or lack of movement, in any joints.